To Dance and Skylark, Light Flooding Into Darkened Rooms, Overdrive | Dance Preview

Theatre Brycheiniog, Brecon

Thurs 11 Mar

There is an intrinsic element of contradiction integral to the genre of ‘Contemporary Dance’ in that its name alone confines it so that it can never stand for itself, but merely an adaptation of what it used to be.

Yet in the midst of this confusion, choreographer Richard Alston puts forward a convincing clarification. A man who stresses the importance of works of art standing for ‘something deeper’ than status symbols, Alston provides an entire speechless linguistic system through his work, allowing his dance to speak for itself.

Throughout, steps taken from jazz seamlessly merge into figures adapted from a ballet tradition. Naturally, it takes a remarkable dance troupe to pull this off and Alston’s company doesn’t fail in this engaging trilogy of pieces.

Overdrive, as its name suggests, is characterized by a sense of urgency yet there is an unquestionable height of coordination and grace evident in the movements. The poetically titled Light Flooding Into Darkened Rooms explores secrets, starting with a metaphor and expanding this idea through dance. Similarly, To Dance and Skylark takes an order used in ships and reinvents it as an encouragement to view dance as an invigorating concept.

Like with a number of contemporary dance productions, words are an inadequate means of expression so sit back and let the dances tell all.

(first published in Buzz)

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