#Fly on The Wall | Theatre Preview

April 14th Pontardawe Arts Centre

May 13th Galeri, Caernarvon

The hash key in this production’s title says it all. From #UkUncut to #fivewordsaftersex, this little symbol has brought us into countless discussions online, enabling an unlikely multiplicity of voices to unite on a subject. This little Shreddies flake of punctuation has come to imply a welcoming forum where opinions are fired from all angles and every voice, save those preoccupied with Justin Bieber, is equally valid.

Gone are the days where the only political clout you could get from your armchair was a letter to the editor. Gone too are the days where we had to speak volumes in order to be heard. We are the first generation where the masses that can effectively communicate from our living rooms.

Tapping into this mood, Citrus Arts’ #Fly on The Wall presents an orchestra of real and powerful voices which work to dynamically cover all sides of the current protests in the West. Incorporating aerial, flight and physical theatre, this is performance that is multi-dimensioned in more ways than one.

It’s not just online voices that are presented. Indeed, as the title’s pun suggests, this work will simultaneously present the covert observer and an active, gravity-defying force, using remarkable physical theatre to highlight the unquenchable power of the mind.

Taking quotes from the media, police, environmentalists, campaigners and bankers, this is an honest and open discussion of our times. From the protesters making their opinions heard to the police officers and politician trying to calm them, this production weaves together many voices, boldly exposing dichotomies in a quest to reveal the truth.

Produced by young company Citrus Arts with support from Wales Millennium Centre’s Incubator programme, #Fly on The Wall brings a new flair to dance and circus traditions. Rooted in a very literal ‘reality’ through its links to current affairs, #Fly on The Wall presents an airborne alternative reality which is just as valid, showing us that there is never one, singular truth.

first published on buzzmag.co.uk

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