NTW TEAM in Edinburgh

Arrived in Edinburgh earlier today after far too many hours spent on the train from south Wales, listening to Chipmunk renditions of Chumbawamba.
Now, with over 600 pages of information in front of us, it’s fair to say that both Brent and I are a little overwhelmed. Officially, there are 2,543 shows on around the city this month, 700 of which are theatre. We’ve now seen two, so that leaves a lot of ‘must-sees’ to cram into just under 6 days.
As a member of TEAM Cardiff, I’m really looking forward to seeing shows by Welsh companies and artists such as Llwyth (Sherman Cymru), Muscle (SHOCK N AWE) and Fragments of Ash (Notional Theatre). I’m also enthusiastic about seeing groups at the forefront of clever, modern theatre as Analogue deliver a new piece to follow Beachy Head (which I loved) and I finally find myself in the same place as Nabokov. For obvious reasons, National Theatre Scotland will be interesting to see, and it is perhaps with the most anticipation that I look forward to stumbling in on my new favourite outfit thanks to a random buy-one-get-one-free offer or a recommendation from a stranger.
Then there’s the street entertainment, impromptu music sessions and fellow theatre lovers to share stories with. Our diaries are truly set to overflow to intimidating levels with events and experiences.
But we’re here to represent TEAM and have our fingers crossed that you will support us by pushing us to shows which you think will be undoubtedly good, intriguingly horrific or just plain strange. If you want us to feed back to you on any events, let us know on Twitter (@ameliaforsbrook / @dextartuk / #TEAM_ed) or through this community – by messaging us personally or through comments on any of our blog posts.
Right – so far I’ve reached the letter C in the index so it’s time for some serious bedtime reading.

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