Fully Booked [a feature on audience interaction in published scripts]

Now let me get this straight right from the start: I’m not afraid of play scripts. As one of the Associate Editors here at Bare Fiction I have the great privilege of reading many plays each week from all across the world. I am in awe of writers who can singlehandedly kick off the collaborative process of theatre with their words, and astounded by the variety of emotions that can be captured and triggered using just pen and ink and a fierce imagination. Play scripts can keep us in touch with our cultural heritage, they make a commute one hundred times more thrilling, and they can tell the stories that need to be told. Armed with a play script, you don’t have to spend over £60 on a West End ticket – and I hear that Samuel Beckett delivers an unrivalled beach read.

So, much as I love going to the theatre, I know that a good play does not need to be staged. But as a keen fan of site-specific, durational, immersive and otherwise barmy performance, I also know that some shows can’t be transferred onto bookshelves. With this in mind, I was incredibly surprised to see a new title from poet Hannah Jane Walker and theatre-maker Chris Thorpe on a specialist theatrical publisher’s website….

[Preview of 1,281 word feature, due to be published by Bare Fiction. More available on request.]

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