Pull on your blue and white striped jumper, fashion up an origami doughboy hat and sketch an anchor on your arm with a biro. The Mary Bijou Cabaret and Social Club will be sailing into Cardiff Bay this month for two nights of fancy dress mayhem, all themed around Amsterdam’s debauched ports. Continue reading “THE PORT OF AMSTERDAM | THEATRE PREVIEW”


Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Wed 15–Sat 18 June

At first glance, Séan Tyrone seems like your average coming of age narrative. Indeed, all the key elements of such a genre are there as Jack O’Brien travels from Country Tyrone to south Wales with a view to follow in his father’s footsteps. Yet, unlike a simple Bildungsroman, this is not a tale of a central character navigating his place in a stable world. Complicating the narrative journey from naïve to experienced, in Mark Ryan’s intriguing play it is not just the protagonist’s identity which is elusive, making for a alluringly unsettling production. Continue reading “SEAN TYRONE | THEATRE PREVIEW”


Blackwood Miners Institute

Monday 23rd May

Like Icarus, Pants on Fire Theatre don’t worry about flying too close to the stars. However, this bold company differ greatly from this ill-fated flyer of Roman mythology in that they are certainly benefiting from their courage. With their production Metamorphoses receiving consistently positive reviews which frequently brush them with four and five star ratings, it seems that the wings of this London-based company are made of something stronger than glue. Continue reading “OVID’S METAMORPHOSES | THEATRE PREVIEW”


Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Fri 8- Sat 23 April

Glance at any city landscape, and man’s desire to go about his important business in style becomes painfully apparent. To understand this fully, just squint down the grand Champs-Élysées, a dignified pavement designed to lead jubilant parades to the Arc de Triomphe. In the other of the two cities, the tale is still the same; The Mall delivers officials and delegates to Buckingham Palace, making clear they’re not traipsing a dingy cul-de-sac. If it’s God you’re looking for, Via della Conciliazione will take you to the Vatican from Castel Sant’ Angelo, leaving you  no chance of getting lost. Indeed, our cities are marked by an unquenchable desire to walk down roads of pomp and prestige. These are the avenues that deliver us to our Kings and Gods, weighty routes that can only be taken with an air of purpose and direction. Continue reading “DESIRE LINES | THEATRE PREVIEW”