#Fly on The Wall | Theatre Preview

April 14th Pontardawe Arts Centre

May 13th Galeri, Caernarvon

The hash key in this production’s title says it all. From #UkUncut to #fivewordsaftersex, this little symbol has brought us into countless discussions online, enabling an unlikely multiplicity of voices to unite on a subject. This little Shreddies flake of punctuation has come to imply a welcoming forum where opinions are fired from all angles and every voice, save those preoccupied with Justin Bieber, is equally valid. Continue reading “#Fly on The Wall | Theatre Preview”


Wed 23-Sat 26 March

Chapter, Cardiff

The timing is impeccable. Just one month after Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, South Wales Theatre Collective prepare to put on their adaptation of Death and the Maiden, a tense moral thriller by Chilean playwright Ariel Dorfman. Fittingly, this is a play about anywhere that’s moved into a democracy and it explores the personal and emotional repercussions that reverberate after political organisations drastically shift. Continue reading “DEATH AND THE MAIDEN | THEATRE PREVIEW”


Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff (before touring Wales)

Wed 16-Sat 19 Feb

Back in 2006, in a fanzine entitled ‘Trosi/Translate’, Geraint Ffrancon interviewed local musician, actor and DJ Gareth Potter. What Ffrancon discovered was a person at the absolute core of the Welsh music scene, a man who not only knew all there was worth knowing about the varied musical styles in our nation but who had also contributed significantly to the work himself. Continue reading “GADAEL YR UGEINFED GANRIF | THEATRE PREVIEW”


25-26th Feb

Beginning by leading its audience into a set coated with scrawled and fragmented phrases, Fresh Apples wears its literary influences proudly on its ink-stained sleeve from the start. As you enter via this thought-provoking textual guard of honour, where scraps of ideas are projected on crudely torn pieces of cardboard, don’t expect a clear-cut transformation from text to play. Incorporating an experimental playfulness with words, the performance is set to shatter the text into props, inviting the audience to chew over meaning and draw out all the ambiguities and powers of the words they see. Continue reading “FRESH APPLES | THEATRE PREVIEW”