Chapter, Cardiff
Sat 18 June
Like all good traditional tales, Mark Ryan’s Sean Tyrone is coiled tightly around themes of lust, birth and revenge. Its delicious phrasing tempts you to cling onto every utterance and its dark and gripping themes constantly express a great debt to the oral narrative tradition. In short, Sean Tyrone just begs to be passed on, proving that the need for storytelling is still very much alive within us. Continue reading “SEAN TYRONE | THEATRE REVIEW”


Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Wed 15–Sat 18 June

At first glance, Séan Tyrone seems like your average coming of age narrative. Indeed, all the key elements of such a genre are there as Jack O’Brien travels from Country Tyrone to south Wales with a view to follow in his father’s footsteps. Yet, unlike a simple Bildungsroman, this is not a tale of a central character navigating his place in a stable world. Complicating the narrative journey from naïve to experienced, in Mark Ryan’s intriguing play it is not just the protagonist’s identity which is elusive, making for a alluringly unsettling production. Continue reading “SEAN TYRONE | THEATRE PREVIEW”