St George’s West, Edinburgh



You would be forgiven for thinking Llwyth is theatre reserved for a very specific audience. With frequent allusions to Welsh celebrities whose fame is unlikely to cross the border, off-hand references to Cardiff’s gay bars and rapidly delivered in-jokes between four gay friends, this Welsh-language work may not scream an obvious universality. Continue reading “LLWYTH | THEATRE REVIEW”


Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Thurs 9 June


As it forms part of Sherman Cymru’s RAW programme for new writing, Foster Mark’s The Sanger itself may not come across as unprocessed. However, the opinions expressed in it certainly do. With bold references to sex toys, shameless discussions of bodily functions and questionable opinions of Islamic culture, this is a no-holds-barred discussion of the British presence in Afghanistan. Continue reading “THE SANGER | THEATRE REVIEW”



Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Tue 19 Apr


Never make a brief glance. Never utter a passing word. This is the message delivered in Light Arrested Between the Curtain and the Glass‘s opening monologue, presented as a sermon. It is easy to let these instructions wash over you, yet the need for meaningful interactions becomes a thematic catalyst as a vicar’s dutiful visits to a couple unearth a tapestry of longing and loss. Continue reading “LIGHT ARRESTED… | THEATRE REVIEW”


Chapter, Cardiff
Tue 12 Apr


There’s something very liberating about buses. When you want to stop, all you need to do is press the little square button and you’ll generally be out within the next few seconds. Trains, on the other hand, are very different. Committed to a track and a designated number of stations, they leave you with no real choice but to go on with what you have started. In this way, they are very much like the latest play from Ian Rowlands. Continue reading “DESIRE LINES | REVIEW”


Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Fri 8- Sat 23 April

Glance at any city landscape, and man’s desire to go about his important business in style becomes painfully apparent. To understand this fully, just squint down the grand Champs-Élysées, a dignified pavement designed to lead jubilant parades to the Arc de Triomphe. In the other of the two cities, the tale is still the same; The Mall delivers officials and delegates to Buckingham Palace, making clear they’re not traipsing a dingy cul-de-sac. If it’s God you’re looking for, Via della Conciliazione will take you to the Vatican from Castel Sant’ Angelo, leaving you  no chance of getting lost. Indeed, our cities are marked by an unquenchable desire to walk down roads of pomp and prestige. These are the avenues that deliver us to our Kings and Gods, weighty routes that can only be taken with an air of purpose and direction. Continue reading “DESIRE LINES | THEATRE PREVIEW”